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Federal University of Technology (Nigeria)
Integrated soil fertility management expert

Oyun Matthew Banji is professor of Silviculture and Agroforestry at the Department of Forestry and Wood technology at the Federal University of Technology P.M.B Akure, Ondo State Nigeria. His research focus is soil fertility management, crop nutrient uptake and recycling process, litter quality characterization, litter decomposition and mineralization and physiology of tree crops. He was holder of different grants such as: ACP – EU Research grant No. EuropeAid/126851/D/ACT/Multi entitled “European-African network to improve HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in Agriculture and forestry based on new labour market needs”-African Forestry Research Network (AFORNET) Research Grant No; 382006 entitled; “Influence of plantation development on biodiversity in the humid lowland forest ecosystem of West Africa-International Foundation for Science (IFS) Research Grant No. D/2995-1 entitled; “Growth, internal N – redistribution and yield formation of maize (Zea mays L) as influenced by litter quality and placement methods” -The African Academy of Science (AAS) Research Grant No. A3/FORESTRY/15/5/99 entitled; Management intervention for altering the Nitrogen release patterns by manipulation of the quality of plant residues”.