CAPACITY4FOOD Kick-off meeting


Monday, November 18, 2013 to Tuesday, November 19, 2013


University of Alicante, Spain

The kick-off meeting of the CAPACITY4FOOD project was held at the University of Alicante. The event attracted an approximate 50 delegates from Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific and provided networking opportunities between the different EDULINK projects co-ordinated by the UA. Many have been the topic discussed during these 2 days. The first one has been dedicated to explore more strategic issues such as how to make an effective project dissemination so that the project results will be sustainable, but also to review the most effective strategy to have a high quality project at all levels. After that, the second day has been organised in working sessions. All participants discussed about the concrete project activities, responsibilities, workplan and we agreed together our six-months action plan. The meeting ended with ACT 1.1, the internal experts meeting, who made an in-depth analysis of the AFOLM main materials created for its extension in terms of geographical coverage and topics.

The other 5 EDULINK projects are:

SUCCEED Network  – East African Higher Education Network on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Campus Development

CAP4INNO  – Knowledge transfer capacity building for enhanced energy access & efficiency in the Caribbean

IP4GROWTH  – Enhancing Intellectual Property Capacities for Agricultural Development

EPICRenewable energy in Pacific islands: Developing Skills and Capacity

FisherMan  – Capacity building for sustainable Fisheries Management in the Southwest Indian Ocean