1st Training Replication and National Matching Event at FUTA, Nigeria


Thursday, June 25, 2015 to Friday, June 26, 2015


SAAT Conference Room, FUTA

The 1st Training Replication and National Matching event of the Capacity4food project has taken place in FUTA (Nigeria)

With a duration of two days the participants were able to share the knowledge acquired during the Training Modules implemented during the first stage of the project. 

This double-session was targeted to the academic community, farmer associacions, members of the Ministry of Agriculture and students. 

The first day was devoted to the transfer of knowledge by giving presentations and facilitating discussions in the following two topics: 

  • Biophysical and socioeconomic analysis of farmers field and livelihood
  • Improving capacity in farmer's diagnosis and adaptive management of soil fertility constraints

During the second day participants were encourage to take part in several discussions and debates covering these main topics:  

  • Trends in Soil Fertility Management in Africa
  • Access to farm input and commodity markets by small scale farmers: Challenges and prospects

Finally, the participants had also the chance to visit the ISFM Demonstration plot developed by farmers and attend a short training session. 

This double session was conducted by the CAPACITY4FOOD project team at FUTA: 

  • Prof. S. O. Akindele
  • Prof. M. B. Oyun
  • Prof. T.T. Amos
  • Prof. S. O. Ojeniyi
  • Dr. Mafimisebi
  • Dr. J. T. Fasinmirin 

It also counted with the participation of Dr. Fritz Oben, from the Agronomy Department of the University of Dschang from Cameroon. 

For more information please download a copy of the agenda.